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Corey Fernandez

As a seasoned facilitator and trainer, he uncovers stories, provokes truth-telling and critical thinking, and creates alignment around culture change and proven leadership routines. As a coach, he increases leaders’ impact by elevating self-awareness, simplifying goal-setting, and making workplace practice meaningful.

Before joining the Humanergy team, Corey led complex consulting engagements with over 20 Fortune 500 companies spanning all industries and excelled as a cross-functional team lead and facilitator. While he doesn’t claim to be a change management expert, he claims over 10 years of expertise focused on the most critical difference makers of every change journey: leadership, culture, and employee engagement. Teammates and clients recognize Corey for his approachability, integrity, and commitment to high-trust relationships.

Corey continually invests in his own leadership capabilities. Most recently, he completed an 80-day sea kayaking and mountaineering expedition in Patagonia, Chile with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). After navigating the sea and land with a 20-person team in harsh and unpredictable weather, he never dismisses the resourcefulness of people. He also embraces the adventure in change and having a high tolerance for adversity.

Born, raised, and educated in Michigan with six years out-of-state in Texas, Corey considers Ann Arbor and Austin homes. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Studies from the University of Michigan. Outside of work, Corey and his wife – Jessica – raise their son to love and protect nature. They partner on endless garden projects and enjoy hiking, kayaking, fly fishing, and long weekends in Northport, Michigan.

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