Supervisory Leadership Certificate

HumanergySupervisory Leadership Certificate

Front-line leaders need to understand themselves, lead others and deliver results.

How is this training different?

This series of 12 experiential, half-day courses will help supervisors learn and improve performance on the job. This is accomplished through:

Course List

Front Line Leadership: 50 DOs for Everyday Leadership
2/27/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
3/7/18 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

Effective Communication: Mutual Understanding
2/8/18 – Kalamazoo, MI (8-noon)
3/27/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
4/11/18 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

Legal Issues of Managing People
3/8/18 – Kalamazoo, MI (8-noon)
4/24/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
5/9/18 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

Understanding Yourself: Emotional Intelligence and Myers-Briggs
4/12/18 – Kalamazoo, MI (8-noon)
5/22/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
6/13/18 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

Effective Meetings and Time Management
5/10/18 – Kalamazoo, MI (8-noon)
6/26/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
7/11/18 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

Building a High Performance Team: What Great Teams Do Great
2/8/18 – Battle Creek, MI (1-5 pm)
6/14/18 – Kalamazoo, MI (8-noon)
7/24/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
8/8/18 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

Selecting and Evaluating Talent
3/8/18 – Battle Creek, MI (1-5 pm)
7/12/18 – Kalamazoo, MI (8-noon)
8/28/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
9/12/18 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

Resolving Conflict: Removing Unneeded Conflict
4/12/18 – Battle Creek, MI (1-5 pm)
8/9/18 – Kalamazoo, MI (8-noon)
9/25/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
10/10/18 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

Delegation: Alignment and Accountability
5/10/18 – Battle Creek, MI (1-5 pm)
9/13/18 – Kalamazoo, MI (8-noon)
10/23/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
11/7/18 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

Coaching: Developing and Motivating People to Perform at Their Best
6/14/18 – Battle Creek, MI (1-5 pm)
10/11/18 – Kalamazoo, MI (8-noon)
11/20/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
12/12/18 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

Navigating Change: Create and Sustain Commitment
7/12/18 – Battle Creek, MI (1-5 pm)
11/8/18 – Kalamazoo, MI (8-noon)
12/18/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
1/16/19 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

Applying Your Organization’s Policies and Procedures
1/23/18 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
8/9/18 – Battle Creek, MI (1-5 pm)
12/6/18 – Kalamazoo, MI (8-noon)
1/22/19 – Jackson, MI (8-noon)
2/13/19 – Ann Arbor, MI (8-noon)

All courses
Twelve sessions at a reduced rate

What are participants saying?

“Through the SLC program, I have become a much better leader. This program gave me practical tools for handling difficult conversations and navigating confrontation effectively. I have become a much better listener and find that I can apply these concepts to all aspects of my life.
After this program, I am much more aware of the need to celebrate successes with my team. We are often really good at correcting people when they do something wrong, but we don’t often remember to acknowledge them when they do something right.”

Devoine Newton, Sr., Materials Team Leader, Stewart Industries

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