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Team terrificness

Some people think of teamwork as being overly difficult and fraught with conflict and inefficiency. This may sometimes be true, and yet we persist in making teams work better. It’s because we understand that we need the energy, creativity and diversity inherent in teamwork to accomplish big goals. Today we choose to celebrate one of our team members who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Jon Gordon lists 9 characteristics of a great team member. We all aspire to live out these behaviors on a daily basis, and we want to take this opportunity to applaud the contributions of Humanergy’s Lance Satterthwaite. Lance recently celebrated his 10-year anniversary with us, and we can’t say enough about his teamwork terrificness. He’s expanded our definition of what it means to be a fantastic team member. Specifically, Lance excels at these behaviors that make us all better:

  1. Names the elephant in the room, and he helps us figure out what to do with it. Lance doesn’t let us ignore issues that need attention, even if they’re uncomfortable.
  2. Gives appreciation profusely. Lance gives specific feedback and gratitude to teammates.
  3. Is dedicated 1000% to delivering WOW work to clients. Lance cares deeply and is willing to do what it takes.
  4. Lives his values daily. He values relationships, and he puts family and friends at the center of his life.

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Have a team member you want to highlight? Comment below. Have a teamwork tale of woe? Tell us about it in a comment or message us. Don’t panic. We can help.

Lance’s photo by the extremely talented Hollis Conway. Meme by Christi Barrett


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  1. Congratulations to Lance! I’ve had the opportunity to work with Lance and he is everything you’ve shared, and more…congrats again on 10 years!

  2. Congratulations on 10 years with Humanergy, Lance! I can attest to Lance’s great work with clients. It’s great to know that Lance walks the talk with his teammates as well. This doesn’t surprise me at all. 🙂

  3. Lance rocks! Having worked with Lance I know first hand what a breath of fresh air he is! This is a testament to all that is terrific about Lance.

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