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Why does Humanergy exist?

The world needs a new kind of leader — People who are passionately committed to the greater good and who have the character, wisdom and competence to make a difference.

Humanergy was founded in 2000 by John Barrett and David Wheatley. They wanted to help people transform themselves and those with whom they work. Humanergy has now expanded to a diverse team of facilitators who thrive on designing and delivering the right stuff to unlock potential.

Humanergy reveals the leader within individuals, teams and organizations.

What does Humanergy believe?

  • Leadership is about the choices we make
  • Everyone needs to and can be a leader
  • Leadership is the difference maker in organizations
  • People own their own leadership journey, not their bosses or a consultant

How do we reveal the leader within?

We craft unique training, coaching and facilitation experiences for individuals, teams and organizations that:

  • Foster self-awareness and an eagerness for growth
  • Inspire and focus passionate commitment
  • Develop wisdom
  • Strengthen and deepen character
  • Equip, refine and practice the necessary competence
  • Unlock the best results for the greater good

What makes Humanergy different?

  • We are dedicated to living what we believe
  • People trust us to be safe and challenging
  • We are quick studies and always improving
  • Our clients say we are authentic and respectful

What situations do we address?

Humanergy typically supports leadership development through the following critical individual and organizational transitions:

Good to great

Taking a leadership team from successful to outstanding

First-line supervisor

From doing the work to supervising those who do the work

Boss of bosses

From supervising workers to supervising supervisors

New face

New position and/or new company

Going corporate

From operations to corporate, i.e. from a place of authority to a place of influence

Expert to boss of experts

From a technical expert to leading technical experts

Setting vision and strategy

Becoming the leader of the organization


Turning an organization from poor performing to high performing

Next phase

From a “founders” organization to a “bigger-than-us” organization


Creating a new, aligned and energized leadership culture

Engaging Employees

Creating a culture of employee ownership