Christi Barrett

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Christi Barrett

Christi works with Humanergy’s programs to ensure innovation, clarity and impact.

As an administrator, facilitator, trainer and coach, Christi has twenty years of experience with human services organizations. She has developed and implemented training, facilitated strategic planning and designed and refined program interventions.

Christi currently works with community leaders helping them challenge themselves to rewrite personal truths and coach one another for success. She enjoys seeing clients’ ah-ha moments — when they experience a breakthrough in thinking that then leads to a personal change for the better.

Originally, from all over the United States, Christi is also a certified Healing of Racism facilitator, co-facilitating diverse groups with a co-facilitator of color. This process helps people lean into listening, curiosity, suspending judgment and hearing one another’s stories. She served fourteen years at Starr Commonwealth, a nationally recognized nonprofit child and family service organization.

Christi is the co-author of In Whose Best Interest: One Child’s Odyssey, A Nation’s Responsibility and Putting Connectedness, Continuity, Dignity and Opportunity to Work. She edited Humanergy’s 50 DOs for Everyday Leadership, and co-authored (with David Wheatley and John Barrett) the book, What Great Teams Do Great: How Ordinary People Accomplish the Extraordinary.

Christi holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Zoology from DePauw University and a master’s degree in higher education administration from Indiana University.

Christi believes in making the best out of life’s curve balls. Her favorite quote is Gandhi’s: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” His words keep her centered on changing herself first instead of whining about everyone else.

Christi joined Humanergy in 2001. She enjoys time with family and friends, traveling, a good book and a great glass of wine.