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Tiffany Funk

Tiffany Funk is 110% motivated to make sure that Humanergy’s clients receive the best possible services. She creates materials and presentation that are rich in content and enhance learning. Tiffany develops online surveys of all types, to help individuals and teams gauge progress and to seek feedback on Humanergy’s work with clients. As if that weren’t enough, Tiffany makes sure that leaders build capability through blogs and other informative communications.

Tiffany graduated from The Ohio State University (O-H!) with a B.A. in psychology and minored in art history. Her past experience includes almost ten years in the social services field with an emphasis on community outreach.

As a recent transplant from Ohio, Tiffany enjoys exploring all that Michigan has to offer. She’s an outdoor enthusiast and regularly visited the mitten state with her husband before they made it their home.