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Udhav Doctor

Udhav “Doc” works with the Humanergy family, our customers and our consultants to ensure alignment at all levels within the company. Udhav brings with him experience in Operations, Sales and Business Development in both privately-held and publicly- traded companies. By applying proven methodologies to maximize efficiency within the organization, introducing tailored sales strategies and disciplined business development efforts, Udhav brings innovative ways to grow Humanergy’s reach.

Originally from India, Udhav is a Polymer Engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT Pune) and came to the United States to pursue a Master’s Degree from Michigan State University. Having worked in multiple facets of operations at Guardian industries, followed by a global role with EcoSynthetix, Udhav has had invaluable experiences meeting and learning from individuals from all around the world. This global experience with the opportunity to understand others perspectives, has been one of his (self-awarded) greatest accomplishments.

Udhav loves to golf, play soccer, and do as many outdoor activities that the balmy state of Michigan offers. He lives in Jackson, Michigan with his wife Danielle, their two sons, and the beloved family dog, Lola. They take every opportunity to spend time in Northern Michigan.