Will Ellis

Will Ellis

Will is an Executive Coach with Humanergy. He supports the development of leaders, leadership teams, organizational change and service to customers. Will offers coaching and workshops to assist his clients in creating innovative cultures and lasting results.

Will has focused mostly on long‐standing consultative relationships with a few clients. He has worked with various organizations from start‐ups and small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies. His customers come from diverse industries, including energy, medical, automotive and other manufacturing sectors.

Will received a master’s degree in Psychology from Western Michigan University and then his doctorate from West Virginia University. He began his career as a trainer and consultant in the Executive Education program at the University of Michigan and Tarkenton & Company.

Will also works with his clients to give back in a variety of community service settings including Habitat for Humanity, Focus:HOPE, The Baldwin Center, The Coalition for Temporary Shelters (COTS), Lula Belle Stewart Center and the University of Michigan’s Summer Science Academy.

Will has published two books, Finding Personal Balance, written to serve as a guide to stress reduction for busy people, and Starting Over, a book for anyone coping with a challenging life transition.

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