What can you expect from coaching?

Humanergy’s coaching builds on leaders’ strengths in order to produce crucial business results.

Learn more about yourself

The thinking and behavior that achieve outcomes and the areas that need improvement.

Create a personalized development plan

Begin with small steps and tackle tougher issues as you build momentum.

Build your network

Grow a network of people who will give you feedback and support now and in the future.

Develop new habits

New competencies will become ingrained ways of thinking and behaving, producing the results you need.

Your coach will be a sounding board, giving you space to be curious and explore new possibilities. Humanergy’s coaches also provide field-tested, proven tools that you can apply to improve decision-making, problem-solving and performance.

You’ll apply what you learn right away. At every step, Humanergy bridges the gap from knowing to actually doing, by guiding application of learning to real challenges you face every day. In this way, you’ll not only grow as a leader; you’ll tackle the demands of your role with renewed energy, focus and skill.

Why do leaders need coaching?

Humanergy’s coaching focuses primarily on leadership and culture. Some specific reasons to seek coaching include:

  • Two organizations have merged and top leaders need to improve the culture
  • A leader is technically brilliant and lacks some of the skills necessary to lead others
  • Struggling with a tense work environment, a leader wants to learn mindfulness techniques to achieve balance and reduce stress
  • A mid-level leader struggles to hold her team accountable
  • A high potential leader wants to refine skills and clarify career path
  • A challenging business climate means the top leaders must make a step-change in performance
  • A company founder seeks to invigorate an established but low-performing organization

Who do we coach?

We coach leaders at all levels of organizations – CEOs, business owners, mid-level and upper-level managers, leaders in transition, high potentials, aspiring leaders and teams.