Facilitation That Gets Results

Time matters.

You have a key strategy session scheduled, and want to make sure you get results. Should you facilitate the session yourself or rely on our expertise to ensure your outcomes?

The outcome is critical to the organization’s success.

Organizations at a crossroads benefit from the broader perspective, creativity and challenge of a Humanergy facilitator.

Highly-charged or emotional issues are impeding progress.

Even the most skilled leader can get enmeshed in issues between team members or departments. Humanergy facilitators objectively address underlying issues and help people resolve them and achieve results.

There are competing priorities.

Humanergy’s facilitation helps people agree on common goals and develop best practices that achieve them.

Some team members don’t fully participate in discussions.

You need all of your people giving 100%.  Humanergy’s facilitation can ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute.

You need to apply new thinking to come up with creative solutions.

The old ways of doing business aren’t working. A Humanergy facilitator will bring best practices and high performance thinking to stimulate new ideas and achieve results.

How we turn meetings into results-driven sessions

  • Outcome-driven and process-focused
  • Energetic, dynamic and engaging
  • Structured appropriately to engage all participants and focus on issues, using:
    • Meeting best practices
    • Small group structure
    • Blend of presentation, break out discussion and large group activities
  • Sensitive to the group dynamics (know when to step up and when to step back)
  • Guided by clear next steps and assigned accountabilities