Organizations seek training in order to increase their capacity for solving complex problems that will then yield the desired and necessary results. To achieve these goals, Humanergy’s training goes beyond an engaging event where participants acquire knowledge. Our focus is sustainable change in on-the-job behaviors.  Three qualities that make our training successful:

High Quality Content

We use researched, current, field-tested and user-friendly materials so that participants have quality content that is easy to use and remember.

Experiential Learning

Each session focuses on case studies, simulations, and real-life examples drawn from the participants to move from knowing material to understanding the material.

Action Learning

Since our focus is change in on-the-job behaviors, we make sure each participant leaves the session with a plan to apply the training.


We integrate “action learning” into our training process in order to give each participant the opportunity to learn-by-doing. Action learning means participants apply what is learned during training immediately.

We provide additional resources after the session is over – blogs, articles and other resources that enhance learning and make application easier-to-do. At the next training session, participants report back to the group and their Humanergy facilitator about their actions and insights.

This learn-by-doing approach to training directly connects a learning event to behaviors that are changing and improving. The training content is front-of-mind and implemented in daily performance – a far different experience from most other training events, which generally “reside” in a manual on the shelf.

With Humanergy, training participants gain knowledge, understanding, experience and the ability to execute best practices, solve real problems and deliver improved results.

Sample Training Topics

  • Understanding Yourself: Emotional Intelligence and Myers-Briggs
  • Mindfulness: Managing Stress and Achieving Flow
  • Front Line Leaders: 50 DOs for Everyday Leadership
  • Effective Communication: Mutual Understanding
  • Delegation, Alignment and Accountability
  • Coaching: Developing & Motivating People to Perform at Their Best
  • Effective Meetings and Time Management
  • Resolving Conflict: Removing Unneeded Conflict
  • Building a High Performance Team: What Great Teams Do Great
  • Navigating Change: Create and Sustain Commitment