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John Barrett

Principal and Chief Insight Officer

John works with executive and senior leaders to win the hearts and minds of their people and dominate their competitive landscape. He specializes in culture, strategy, change and helping leaders build their network and capabilities to drive the right impact.

As a veteran coach, facilitator and trainer, John has worked for thirty years with leaders and teams in a variety of industries in the United States and abroad. Much of John’s work has been with clients in the automotive and packaged goods industries including C-suite, sales, marketing, engineering, customer service, human resources, supply chain and production.

John helps organizational leaders leverage strengths, navigate weaknesses and successfully align with and influence peers.Recent work has included facilitating comprehensive, assessment-based coaching, executive search and C-suite performance and incentive processes. In all that John does, he focuses on the leader’s duty to think widely and deeply about complex issues in order to craft lasting solutions.

Originally from Canberra, Australia, John is a former Outward Bound management development and research coordinator who facilitated leadership and team growth in the Australian Outback. He formerly directed the  program services of Starr Commonwealth’s EverGreen Center for Personal and Professional Development.

John is co-author of What Great Teams Do Great: How Ordinary People Accomplish the Extraordinary and 50 DOs for Everyday Leadership: Lessons Learned the Hard Way (So You Don’t Have To). John holds the ACI (American Confidence Institute), ACE Coach Accelerator ( and ICF (International Coaching Federation) certifications.  He has an honors degree in psychology from the Australian National University.

John believes in integrity, courage and a strong duty of care for his family, clients and the Humanergy team. One of his favorite quotes is “let your life speak,” and John strives to live a life that is consistent with his values of authenticity, continuous learning and amplifying the greater good.