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Every adult is or has been part of a team at work, in school, in volunteer organizations or even as part of a family. Teamwork is capable of producing great outcomes and can even by enjoyable. Unfortunately, most people also report that being part of a team has been frustrating, time-consuming and not fruitful. What Great Teams Do Great illustrates how to create a great team by combining the power of choice with the right team processes.

“What Great Teams Do Great provides solid, actionable insights that can help any team improve their outcomes. It concisely shares straightforward tools, behaviors to adopt and avoid, and examples that help ensure team success. Highly recommended!”

– Cheri DeClercq, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean – MBA/Graduate Programs,
Broad College of Business
Michigan State University

The 50 DOs (and DON’Ts) were developed from the real life experiences of effective leaders and managers in organizations around the country.

50 DOs for Everyday Leadership will help you: build trust and credibility at work; get your people working together as a team; focus on what is important; help your people get the work done; do what is best for the organization; reduce misunderstandings and get people on the same page; and continue to improve what you and your people are doing.

“If I had read, absorbed and practiced the DOs in this handbook, I would have saved myself 40 years of hard knocks.”

– Gary Shelton,
retired Fortune 500 executive

“One of the rare leadership books that does what he says: HELP!”

– Laura Oliver,
banking industry organizational development consultant

Humanergy’s new e-book! You want to be the best leader you can be, so carry practical leadership strategies with you. Humanergy has compiled 100 of its top leadership blogs in an e-book covering topics such as change, motivation, coaching and delegation.

These bite-sized articles remind you of what’s important, challenge your daily choices and help you inspire and lead others.