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Assessments are crucial as they provide invaluable insights into individuals’ and organization’s strengths and areas for development, empowering informed decisions, maximizing potential, and driving organizational growth.

Assesssments offered by Humanergy:

– Effective Leadership Profile (ELP360™)
You will be assessed by your peers (co-workers, bosses, direct reports, friends, family, etc…) and yourself. Each rater (person who has agreed to assess you) will answer the same robust set of questions and those responses will be compiled into a data-driven report that you can use to improve your leadership, decision-making, problem-solving and performance.

– High Performance Organizational Survey​
This is a temperature check on your organization around 8 key areas using 24 questions. The survey results will be compiled and shared with your leadership team. The team will then be guided through understanding the data and identifying key areas of focus to build on what is working and drive to high performance.

– 50 DOs For Everyday Leadership
This assessment is guided by our book, 50 DOs for Everyday Leadership

– Customized assessments for individuals and organizations

– We offer most of the standard assessments as well – just ask!