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Corey Fernandez

Executive Coach and Leadership Development Trainer

Corey Fernandez helps leaders and teams navigate change successfully and achieve meaningful results. Corey has guided over 1000 leaders and many of their teams throughout his 20-year career.

For half of his career, Corey led complex consulting engagements within Fortune 500 companies. His work spotlighted managers as the difference makers of their organizations and equipped them to become accelerants for strategic change.

Today, Corey’s a passionate leadership coach who loves to partner with executives who oversee strategic changes and the supporting casts of leaders tasked with execution. Corey builds one-on-one coaching relationships with executives and leads monthly group coaching forums for mid-level leaders from Michigan and beyond.

By staying connected to leaders with varying depths of experiences, he ensures his coaching and training techniques evolve and appeal to all generations of leaders. He’s most recently become an expert at delivering training, coaching and facilitation experiences via virtual delivery. Between small teams and large groups over 100, Corey prioritizes and grows connections between leaders that foster learning and growth.

Corey and his wife Jessica are raising two young children. Thus, he values his life’s work more than ever. He finds purpose in helping leaders transform their lives so they can transform their organizations. In many ways, these organizations make his family’s communities better places to live, learn and give back.

Corey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Studies from the University of Michigan. He’s also a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) having completed an 80-day sea kayaking and mountaineering expedition in Chilean Patagonia.