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“Most of my managers meet with David monthly for coaching and they come out of meetings where tough conversations were had and they say things like, ‘My cup is filled’. I see results within our team almost immediately.”

Liz Winninger

CEO, Xtend

“Learning must be a constant in any current leader and aspiring leader’s daily life. Humanergy provides a plethora of high engagement trainings to push me, my current leaders and future leaders to be more than we could imagine.

We are newer to Humanergy,  I certainly wish I would have made the investment sooner. David and the group from Humanergy have a genuine interest in pushing you to be a better leader today but also pushing you to be greater leader tomorrow. When you have a great leader doing great things your team will follow suit.”

Kris Lewis

CEO, Allegan Credit Union

“We have worked with Humanergy for almost 20 years.  All of our employees have benefitted a great deal from the training, coaching and seminars.  We all strive to follow the green path!”

Steve Cobb

President and Chief Executive Officer, Blue Ox Credit Union

“David is a true professional and his broad experience assisting both private industry and federal government is immeasurable.”

Douglas Gill

Chief Inspector, United States Marshal Service

David Wheatley

Principal and Chief Question Asker ​

David works with leaders who are engaged in transitions to new roles or new scope or need improved results. An expert facilitator, trainer and coach, David has worked for over twenty years with government, manufacturing, healthcare, law enforcement, technology and financial institutions. 

Originally from Leeds, England, David is a former Scotland Yard police officer. He is a graduate of Hendon Police Academy in London and an honors graduate of Lancaster University’s education program. He earned a master’s degree in organizational management and has been a Senior Fellow at the University of Maryland and an Instructor at Michigan State University. David has twice delivered at the International Leadership Association conference. He is co-author of 50 DOs for Everyday Leadership Lessons Learned the Hard Way (So You Don’t Have To), now in its second edition, and What Great Teams Do Great: How Ordinary People Accomplish the Extraordinary.

In his spare time, David plays soccer and the guitar, both badly, in his opinion. He lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with Launda and whichever of their four adult children happen by. In 2015 they completed an Atlantic crossing on a 39-foot sailboat, with the help of two fellow sailors, and look forward to more adventures at sea.