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Lance Satterthwaite

High Performance Leadership Coach and Team Facilitator

Lance works with teams, managers and executive leaders to help them focus on the power of personal choice. Lance has facilitated strategic planning meetings with Boards and CEOs, coached leaders in manufacturing and financial institutions and trained teams in telecommunications, manufacturing, educational and civic organizations.

Lance coaches leaders in various points in their career—new hires, transitioning to a new level, struggling leaders, and other high-potential team members who benefit from constructive feedback and leadership growth. Lance adapts the coaching process to the needs and culture of each organization. Over the last 15 years, Lance has helped people more accurately assess strengths and development needs and create a realistic action plan to build on strengths and address deficiencies that deter impact.

Lance works with leaders and teams to reveal their interdependence, improve communication, build resilience and strengthen connections that drive success. Lance has a passion for helping others create great places to work where employees are engaged and organizations are setting and achieving results.

Lance is a former social worker and family counselor. He began his career working with troubled youth and families including serving as a counselor and union leader at Starr Commonwealth, a nationally-recognized nonprofit child and family service organization focused on character development and leadership.

Lance received both his bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan. 

Lance joined Humanergy in 2007. He is married and has four adult children. In his free time, Lance enjoys all things outdoors including fishing, camping, and boating. Lance’s passion is making a difference and elevating the greater good to leave things better than he found them.