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Customized training based on your organization’s needs & goals.

→ Increase capacity for solving complex problems.

→ Achieve your goals with sustainable change.

→ Guaranteed application with action learning. 

→ Achieve effective and efficient alignment and communication. 

“That was the BEST 8 hours of training I’ve had in 19 years and it should be mandatory for new employee school.”


Work 1-on-1 with a Humanergy Certified Coach.

→   Learn more about yourself and the thinking and behavior that achieve outcomes, and the areas that need improvement.

→   Create a personalized development plan. Begin with small steps and tackle tougher issues as you build momentum.

→   Build your network. Grow a network of people who will give you feedback and support now and in the future.

→ Develop new habits. New competencies will become ingrained ways of thinking and behaving, producing the results you need.


Make Your Meetings Meaningful

Inputs, Outputs, Meeting Agenda

No one likes an unproductive meeting.
Avoid wasted time with a little help from us.

Humanergy Coaches:
→ Support a focused conversation with full engagement.
→ Help ensure upfront clarity as to what needs to be achieved.
→ Drive and guide the conversation to its productive end.


IMO Meeting 1,2,3 Design
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Looking for an impactful leadership talk at your next event?

We’d love to work with you to make your event successful.
We offer a variety of talks and topics including:

  • What Great Teams Do Great – How taking the green path sets the tone for your culture. Based on our book of the same name.
    Participants will understand:
    • The backbone of high performing teams
    • The Green-Path and the Red-Path as ways to address issues
    • The three learning cycles
  • Help, I’m Overwhelmed – Two tools for getting a handle on constant overcapacity and a lack of balance in your world.
    Participants will understand:
    • How to recognize over and under capacity issues
    • What to do when you see them
    • How four legs on a chair make for a more balanced human
  • The Airplane and the Mountain – Managing performance with a simple triangle and setting your people on the right trajectory.
    Participants will understand:
    • The three elements of performance
    • The four trajectory patterns
    • The 20 questions that help you decide if its a coaching issue or a performance issue
  • Feeding Our Relationships With Performance FeedbackMake performance reviews meaningful and impactful.
    Participants will understand:
    • How performance reviews can improve your relationships
    • How to be better prepared to share feedback with another
    • How to equip yourself to help others grow as feedback partners in your organizations