This humble pile of stones has been created (and re-created) at Humanergy’s back door. Although I created it initially, it is not uncommon to find people adding to the stack or re-building it after a strong wind or curious squirrel took its toll.

Rock stacking has its origins in many cultural and spiritual practices – a Buddhist tradition of devotion and prayer, for one. Ancient cultures around the world have stacked rocks into cairns to mark a path, create a memorial or as a focus point for rituals.

Why do we stack rocks here at Humanergy? I haven’t taken a poll, but I think it has something to do with keeping perspective. Our tower of rocks is both beautiful and impermanent. It may fall one day, and we’ll rebuild, just like we’ve overcome the “slings and arrows” that come from time to time.

The best part of our rock stack is that it is a spontaneous, unstructured team creation. No one said, “Let’s build a tower of rocks.” It just happened.

Impromptu, unfettered creation is powerful. I sometimes wonder if we keep too tight a reign through plans and structures, so that people aren’t able to stretch and explore wild ideas. What could be accomplished if we gave people the time and freedom to get off the beaten path?


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Photo by Christi Barrett