We’d like to welcome guest blogger Kiana Thomas, Humanergy’s former intern and a recent graduate of Albion College.

For me, feeling and acting in a confident manner doesn’t come naturally. I sometimes worry that if I come off as confident it will be perceived as arrogant. Though that may not be the case, it is why I tend to avoid behaving with much confidence. I know this is an error in my thinking, and it doesn’t serve me well.

To me, confidence is knowing your strengths and not hiding them – believing that I can achieve something because I am good at it. Arrogance is also believing that I can achieve anything because I am good at it.  Where confidence drifts into arrogance is the “I-am-better-than-you-and-everyone-else” mindset.

I know that I am a capable person. One key to living into my strengths is the way I talk to myself internally. When I am in situations where I know I am capable or talented, instead of saying, “I think I can analyze the data,” I should say, “I can analyze the data,” or, “Analyzing data is one of my strengths.”

Why should I care about coming off as confident? I want my coworkers and others to be 100% secure in my ability to deliver. Confidence isn’t arrogance. It’s just being clear about what I do well and what others can rely on me for in the future.

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Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash