I’m preparing for a grand adventure. Two months of early summer will be spent sailing from the Virgin Islands to Wales. My fearless wife Launda will join me with two friends from England aboard the Ruby May. We will begin with two weeks of training, then take to the high seas.

Has it been easy to block off two months on my calendar? No. Is it a good idea? Absolutely!

The mental and physical benefits of time off are well-known, yet many people still don’t use their allotted vacation days. Many organizational cultures subtly discourage it, and often the boss doesn’t model taking time away from work. Even when organizations give unlimited vacation time, employees struggle to figure out what amount of time off will allow them to manage their workload and be perceived as dedicated. The cultural rules around vacation time are often much different than the written policies, and people usually err on the side of work over leisure.

There are real constraints around taking time for yourself, and you still need to do it. You, your family and your workplace will benefit, because people who return from vacation are more focused and enthusiastic. People who are overdue for a vacation are not as productive as they think they are, and they can be downright cranky. Don’t be one of those people.


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