All of us at Humanergy have struggled to clearly describe the work we do. We have invested many, many hours in this because we want to be able to reach out to people who want help making their work lives better. (And, yes, that makes all of life better!)

This isn’t about branding. It’s about bringing more meaning to your work life.

Well, we are finally on the right track.

Imagine a world where every leader strives to make the world a better place – or at least their little corner of the world. Here’s how Humanergy’s John Barrett describes this type of leadership:

I have one life, and I want it to be meaningful, to make a difference. I want to fully use my talents to change the world in a positive way. It’s kind of like this teacher’s prayer: I hope to teach somebody in such a way that they grow up and teach somebody in such a way that they grow up and teach somebody… 

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Photo from iStockphoto.