You need to let go

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You need to let go

If you’re human, you’ve probably experienced the pain of letting go. It can be difficult to step away from something that you think you really want, even if isn’t serving you well.

That toxic-but-exciting relationship. The ever-present cell phone. The job that is comfortable, even if it isn’t what you would love to do.

Monkeys in the jungle used to be caught by placing a banana in a cage with bars that were so close, the monkey could slide in its open hand. Once it grasped the banana, however, the hand became a fist. That fist clenching the banana was trapped behind the bars, giving the hunter plenty of time to net the monkey and capture it. (Other hunters placed a banana in a jar, with the same result.)

If the monkey dropped the banana and fled, he would be free. Holding onto the delicious food meant losing something more precious – freedom.

What are your “bananas?” What are you giving up, because you are reluctant to let go of something else?

How have you crafted a better future by letting go of something? Comment below or message us.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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  1. A toxic relationship in Southern Californian to be closer to my children & grandchildren in the northern Midwest.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, David. Shared with our Leadership Team. Made a list today of things to for me let go …. let’s see if I am able to make it happen!

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