Check your attitude




Check your attitude

Karen, Humanergy’s business manager was quoted recently, saying “I am so happy that I get to go to work.” Not “HAVE to go to work,” but “GET to!” That warms our hearts – and it is an attitude you can cultivate.

Everyone from Dr. Phil to bloggers at Harvard Business Review know that attitude matters. While some people feel like their negativity is due to external factors, attitude is largely a choice.

Your attitude is composed of thoughts and feelings – about work, other people, etc. There may be times during crisis when it is hard to get your emotional bearings. However, in the normal day-to-day grind, you can control your attitude even when your work is complex and people are difficult.

Geoffrey James at Inc.com wrote about 8 ways to improve your attitude, including doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone and forgiving people’s limitations and weaknesses. (We’d advise not wasting energy on any of the things you can’t control, and other people’s attitudes are among them.)

James’ best tip in my mind is to hang out with positive people. Scientists have proven that we mirror the behavior of those around us – and aren’t positive people generally more fun to be around?

It’s easier to have a positive attitude when personal and company values align, when your co-workers are pleasant and when your job is fulfilling. And it’s also true that you can choose to approach even the most challenging situations with a positive mental outlook. Don’t be naive about reality, but do adopt a hopeful frame of mind. “Yep, things are tough, and it’s gonna get better!”

You are the master of your attitude – choose positivity!


Want your glass half full? Humanergy can help.

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  1. Since it’s the week of Thanksgiving, I liked the last point in the Geoffry James article: He says:
    “Say “thank you” more frequently.
    Achieving an “attitude of gratitude” requires more than simply being aware of what’s wonderful in your life. You must, and should, thank other people for their gifts to you, even if that gift is something as simple as a smile.”

    I say: “Amen!”
    It seems that so many are “so busy” (don’t get me started on the Busy Badge wearers:-) that simple things like good manners go by the wayside. In fact, saying “thanks” is a great way to show appreciation that only takes….hmmm, 1 second!
    Recognizing that someone has done something for you that they didn’t necessarily have to creates a reciprocity in a relationship that is extremely valuable–for both parties. If you tell me thanks, I may not remember the specifics of it later, but I will remember you. And the feeling that goes with that memory is positive.
    In honor of the upcoming holiday, I would like to say “Thank You” to Humanergy and everyone working there for sharing great ideas and being an amazing resource for my personal and professional development. I appreciate your sense of fun and all of the hard work you do…I know why Karen likes coming to work, you are a great group of people!

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