If you’re like me, it can be hard to reign in a busy schedule and make time for personal needs. I have fewer problems balancing work, family and friends, but when it comes to space for exercise and relaxation, it’s harder. I’m good at putting others first, but I feel guilty prioritizing my own needs.

This realization came front and center for me when I read Commit to Under-Scheduling in 2016 by Elizabeth Grace Saunders. She is committed to work/life balance, and she finds it hard to schedule time for herself and keep it a priority. Even keeping an evening free can be difficult when she “only” has plans to do something for herself.

Some members of my Humanergy team do a good job of this, and I look to them as role models. They make time for themselves by keeping their work hours within prescribed limits, at least most of the time. However, I know that this is a constant struggle for my colleagues, and any open time (as recommended by Saunders) can be quickly gobbled up by work commitments and social activities.

Slowing down can be so rewarding! This morning I quickly raced the garbage can to the curb before leaving for work. As I turned around, I stopped to listen to the birds that have only recently begun their pre-spring singing. I appreciated the fact that the days are getting longer. That gift of a minute outdoors is just the beginning of what I hope will be a transformation for me and how I schedule (or don’t schedule) my time.  There is promise in the change of seasons – new opportunities and growth and space.


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Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash.