Few people find meetings to be the best part of their day. Why? The litany of complaints include a poor or nonexistent agenda, lack of clarity about the purpose of the meeting, extraneous content and poor participation.

If your meetings stink, it’s time to do something about them NOW. Because how you run your meetings IS how you run your organization. You’re not as productive as you could be if your meetings are not productive.

If your meetings are disorganized, how can people align to meet common goals? How can they work through the inevitable problems and roadblocks? The answer: Not as smoothly as they would if you had a good meetings protocol and used it.

Want to improve the meeting mayhem? Use these ideas, and only have meetings for these three reasons.

Meetings may be a required aspect of work, but they should not be a necessary evil.

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Photo by Breather on Unsplash.