Everybody has a bad day once in a while, even the boss. Leaders sometimes feel that they cannot let their true feelings show, so they put on a “game face” to mask their true emotions.

Janine Popick posted How Your Energy Affects Your Team at Inc.com. She says that a leader’s energy affects the entire team, so sometimes it’s necessary to project a can-do attitude, even if you feel otherwise.

In my experience, few people can pull this off. Most people’s “boss radar” will pick up on a mismatch between the leader’s words and demeanor. Rather than faking your way through a bad day, consider telling people what’s going on. Keep it simple, like, “I’m in a bad mood today. Tomorrow will be better, but I just need a little space today to work it out.”

If you’re not up to facing the gang at work, consider telecommuting for the day. You’ll be more productive and may find it easier to find your groove at home, away from the concerned faces of your team.

Regardless of your strategy, give yourself permission to have a bad day once in a while. If you’re having lots of bad days, it’s time for a serious reconsideration of work, life and how you can better manage both.


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