It can be argued that 2020 was an exceptional year – bringing much uncertainty, chaos, concern and even grief. How does one mark the end such a year and begin anew in 2021?

The host of the podcast “Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit,” shares a simple gratitude practice in episode 173. He states that because our brains are wired towards negativity, we need to infuse positivity before we can get down to the practice of setting goals for a new year. If we just start focusing on future aspirations, we’ll unconsciously bring our brain’s doubt, worry and fear into that process. 

To clear your brain’s focus on problems, obstacles and shortcomings, Purohit recommends a “palate cleanse” before goal setting. This involves reviewing your past year month-by-month and asking yourself three questions:

Now matter how big or small…

1) What’s something tough or challenging that I did this month?

2) Who’s someone that did something for me?

3) What’s something nice I did for someone else?

Take some time now to review your calendar, journal and/or email to figure out your answers to these three questions for every month of 2020. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that, in spite of the year’s challenges, some amazing things happened. 

Once you’ve done this gratitude practice, you’re ready to address the new habits, practices and challenges you want to take on in 2021. Also, make it a routine to review these three questions at least every month in 2021 to retrain your brain toward positivity. 

Wishing you the very best as you wind up December! As always, we are here to support your success. Need to get something off your chest before you start the new year? Comment below or message us. Happy New Year!


Photo by Peter Jones on Unsplash