It turns out leaders can learn a lot from archers, archerists or whatever the correct term is for persons who do archery. The phrase, “everything is aiming,” was quoted in Jono Hey’s most recent sketchplanation. (If you aren’t a Jono Hey fan already, you should check him out!)  “Everything is aiming” means that how you place your feet, breathe or hold your shoulders contributes to hitting the target just as much as orienting to the target.

In leadership, how you sleep, eat and move makes a difference in your readiness to think deeply, react quickly and handle tough conversations. Your mindset when you enter a building or say good-bye matters. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. How and what and when you think shapes behavior, even when that thinking is fleeting or outside your awareness.

Too often I focus exclusively on my overt behavior and skills, and I forget the interdependence of many factors that drive leadership performance. Recognizing that everything is leadership will help me remember to prioritize my physical, emotional, social  and spiritual self as well. That’s the path to igniting amazing leadership.


What’s up with the “everything” that is your leadership? Tell us.

Photo from Dollar Photo Club.