Most leaders I know have lost sleep because they are preoccupied with work. They’ve felt pulled in multiple directions at once. They often don’t feel like there is enough time in the day to do what needs to be done. One recently commented, “I have 15 strategic priorities, and they are all important.”

Hold on a second. Fifteen strategic priorities?! They’re ALL important?!

Maybe in theory they’re important. As we explored this idea further, he had to admit that only a handful will ever really be achieved to any degree. Some will get little attention, a few will turn out okay, some pretty good and none of these accomplishments will be deemed “great.”

Not many organizations can manage more than 5 to 6 strategic goals well. Individuals who identify that they have more than 3 critical goals really need to do some soul-searching. Can all of those get the focus and attention they need? Are all of those “important” things vital to the organization’s future?

It’s time for a revolution. The theme of this movement is, “Everything is NOT important.” Because when everything is important, nothing is great. Stick to the few strategic issues that are essential to success. Figure out the core priorities and decide what you’re going to stop doing so that those critical few get the attention they need.


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Photo from Dollar Photo Club.