In the last posting, we laid the groundwork for thinking and acting strategically. Now it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and turn our actions into ones that produce strategic success.

Humanergy uses the Impact Forecast tool with leaders who want to shift from “getting things done” to “getting the most high-impact things done.”

Impact means looking for the most important things that affect success. Forecast requires the leader to proactively look ahead. Here’s how it’s done:

Part One: Proactive Impact Events

1. Look at your calendar. What events coming up in the next 29+ days are most important to success?

2. What actions do you need to take to be ready and to ensure maximum impact from each event?

Part Two: Strategic Impact Opportunities

1. What is NOT on your calendar that is most important to future success?

2. What is the next physical and visible activity required to move that opportunity forward toward completion and success?

Leaders who not only answer these questions, but follow through with action, will be less driven by their calendars and to-do lists. They will develop the skills and abilities that enable success. These strategically-focused leaders will take concrete steps that otherwise would have been missed.

Strategic opportunity is out there. Can you see it?

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