Are you finding it hard to get out of the details of your to-do list to focus on thinking and acting strategically? If you spend your time just trying to fight fires, you’re not spending time on what matters most, the stuff that will really drive success.

What does it look like when you’re strategically focused?

You align your work with the organization’s identity and goals. Is your organization a leading edge innovator, a quick adaptor or one that excels at solid, time-tested best practices? If you are thinking and acting strategically, you know the answer and coordinate your actions accordingly.

You are nimble. Although your organization’s identity doesn’t vary, specific goals and/or strategies may need to change quickly and often. You constantly reassess threats and opportunities to achieve success.

You learn continuously. You look inside and outside your industry, listen to customers and pay attention to your competitors to keep abreast of change.

You refuse to do things that don’t drive success. There are lots of activities that eat time but don’t translate into achieving the organization’s goals. You just say NO!

You involve others. Strategic thinking and action isn’t just for top leadership. You communicate regularly about strategic issues to peers, direct reports and your boss to ensure that everyone knows the direction and how they can support it.

Now is the time to lift yourself out of the minutia of the day and focus clearly on the ever-changing, dynamic future. Scary? Maybe. Exciting? Definitely!

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