It is true all the time, and certainly valid in a crisis. Great leaders manage themselves first, before they worry about aligning with others. Practical ways to lead yourself offered by Marlene Chism include:

  1. Control your mind and don’t worry obsessively. Mindfulness and presence are key to managing stress and keeping you in the right mindset.
  2. Be a role model in how and what you communicate, focusing on hope for the future and calm, rather than division and angst.
  3. Decide your focus each day, or moment-by-moment. Use a timer to ensure you don’t get distracted by the news or social media for a chunk of time. Use that time to focus on positive action and things you can control.

Taking charge of yourself and your mindset is critical to success as a leader. And it is a prerequisite to inspiring, motivating and nurturing everyone around you.

Stay focused and healthy, friends!

Have a great way of self-care and self-management? Comment below or shoot us a message.