Kids do it. Grownups, too. Even when the pandemic is firmly in the rearview mirror, many people will continue to work and learn from home, either full-time or for part of the week. How does that impact learning on the job?

Starting a new job virtually is particularly challenging. SA Mathieson writes on ComputerWeekly.com about the innovations taking place in companies like Salesforce and Puppet. They are emulating what used to be in-person onboarding experiences, now in a digital space. While new hires used to be assigned a “trailguide” to acquaint them with the office and area restaurants, those people now may be people in a similar role in a different part of the globe. They orient new hires to the work and the organization, just not the physical spaces.

Virtual training has also allowed for people to absorb bite-sized pieces of content, and this takes the place of the casual interactions that happen when people work in the same physical space. In addition, many companies are planning intentional remote “water cooler moments” for employees to share job-related and other important information.

Many of the pandemic innovations are here to stay. Think about how you can intentionally create learning on the job (where most learning really happens), even when people aren’t all back in the office together.

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Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash