Imagine how the world would be different if everyone made choices that were 100% aligned with the greater good. Humanergy calls these transformative choices. Transformative choices ensure that everyone is successful and has the power to renew relationships, teams and results. We not only encourage our clients to make transformative choices; we hold ourselves to that standard.

Making transformative choices is about values, your knowledge of reality (the good, bad and ugly), your understanding of the people involved and self-care. Remember: Self-sacrifice isn’t transformative and does nothing to promote the greater good.

The short- and long-term benefits of sticking to this high road are:

It takes less energy. It may seem like factoring in the greater good might take more time and energy. In fact, transformative choices often simplify the equation. Instead of calculating the myriad of political implications of a decision, you ask how each option serves the greater good. When you make transformative decisions, you spend less time cleaning up the messy impact of destructive decisions.  You don’t need to engage in “spin” to justify transformative decisions. You don’t have to remember which version of the truth you gave to Person A versus Person B. As Mark Twain said, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

You don’t keep score. Because you’re always working toward the greater good, you don’t engage in “I must win” thinking. By upholding the greater good, you are part of that positive impact as well. When people around you make self-centered choices, you don’t get even; you figure out if you can help them choose differently next time. Transformative leaders understand the power structures around them, yet do not become slaves to power or use it recklessly.

You reap what you sow. Staying on the high road doesn’t guarantee an easy life, AND consistently striving for the greater good brings you peace of mind, a priceless gift. The biggest driver of this contentment is the quality of your relationships, based on authenticity and mutual respect. Those connections with others are more resilient when times get tough.

You focus on the stuff that matters. Transformative people don’t worry about the things they cannot impact. They concern themselves with what they can control or manage, such as their own daily choices and the quality of their interactions with others.

You live with fewer regrets. Nobody’s perfect, and you won’t always make the best choices. Striving for transformative choices gives you the comfort of knowing that you operated within your best self – not allowing selfishness, bitterness or anger to take root, even if you occasionally indulge in petty thinking or behavior.

A commitment to the greater good is the best way to make the right decisions. Making transformative choices does not require saintly virtue or anything approaching perfection. It requires humility, thoughtful reflection about what is important and goodwill toward others. These are the foundations that provide a compass to guide you, even in the midst of chaos. While there may not seem to be as much traffic, the high road is always a better place to be.

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