A new school year has begun in the USA, and we’ll soon be raking leaves and enjoying the crisp autumn weather. There’s something about September that seems like a new beginning, and I have been thinking about how to start fresh with more inspirational leadership.

Inspiring others requires that I be energized and motivated as well. My own focus and enthusiasm will be a catalyst for others. As this article from the About My Brain blog notes, inspiration requires a childlike joy. When was the last time you felt full of joy at work? Did you share that with anyone? How might have people reacted if you did?

Create a culture of joy – one that celebrates success and holds up what is going well.  Feeling joyful and then expressing it may seem odd at first. However, the author suggests that you can change your brain by changing your physiology. Think of the gymnast’s pose after landing an amazing move. Find your own “victory” pose, and adopt this as a cue to your brain to celebrate. And don’t forget to tell others. Otherwise, they may wonder if you’ve taken up a second career as an Olympian.

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash