“Never waste a good crisis” is one of the tips given by Bill George in a recent article titled, Seven Lessons for Leading in Crisis.*

This thoughtful piece stimulated thinking about some of the potential benefits (that’s right, there can be payoffs) of a crisis for organizations and their leaders.

Refocus on what’s important. Crisis spurs organizations to concentrate on what gets the biggest return on investment. Some of this laser-like focus needs to carry over to “normal” times.

Really get to know your people. Hard times bring out the best (and worst) in your team members. You’ll figure out who is resilient, courageous and innovative. And who isn’t.

Build a habit of open communication. During perilous times, leaders put a premium on communication throughout the organization. They help people “frame” what’s going on appropriately. Sharing information widely keeps employees on the same page during good times as well.

Be prepared. While you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy about crisis, don’t forget the ultimate benefit. You’ll be more prepared for the next calamity that comes your way.

*You can find Bill George’s article at: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123551729786163925.html

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