Beginning on Independence Day, I’ve taken steps to reduce the noise in my life. Not the actual airwaves kind of noise, but the distracting and time-sucking digital overload.¬†Maybe you’ll find these two steps helpful in simplifying your life:

  1. Unsubscribe with wild abandon. I’ve reduced my daily inbox tally by at least 20% by unsubscribing to email updates. I rarely found value in them,¬†and it took time to delete these from my inbox.
  2. Radical deletion. If I don’t act on something in my inbox for 10 business days, I delete it. Faced with that knowledge, I make quick judgments about what has value and what doesn’t. (I have just deleted MONTHS worth of online articles that I thought I’d get around to someday. I’ve faced the fact that “someday” isn’t coming anytime soon.)

I’ve declared my independence from some of the digital noise of modern life!

Where do you find time and freedom? Comment below or message us.

Photo from AdobeStock.