Looking for another job? Maybe you’re considering a move while struggling in your current position. Maybe you’ve been hit by the economy and your job was replaced, misplaced or lost and waiting to be found!

Many people are facing a job search years or even decades after their most recent interview. Here are some tips to get you in the right resume groove.  (Stay tuned for interview tips next week!)

Your resume is the first conversational bridge to a new life. Your resume bridges the gap between who you are and what you have to offer prospective employers. Think of your resume as your skills and capabilities on a billboard. It should be easy to read and represent a logical description of what you bring to the table.

Think about yourself. Before you start listing your jobs and their descriptions, stop and consider your strengths, what you love doing and the value you deliver. Make sure these are strongly represented in your resume, so that it is more than a list of what you did and when.

Highlight results you’ve achieved. Be specific and concrete. For example, “Managed a $5,000,000 budget within 0.05% for three years“ or, “Led a team of twenty-five professionals to the highest internal customer satisfaction rating.”

Highlight skills and competencies. For example: “A twelve-year packaged goods professional with the ability to build strong organizations and deliver results in the most challenging manufacturing environments.”

Use a simple, clear and visually appealing format. Include white space and no more than two pages. It does not need to be chronological; it does need to be well-organized and present a coherent picture.

Use powerful words. Some good ones: Achieved, authored, chaired, coached, delivered, guided, managed, presented. Make sure your words have punch, but don’t overstate what you really did. To increase your chances of getting past the initial screening, make sure your language matches the job (and related industry) you’re seeking to obtain.

Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Have at least three people review your resume for typos. It’s amazing how you won’t see your errors, but “new” eyes will catch your mistakes.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started,” said Mark Twain. Get your next career move started by crafting a resume that speaks volumes about you.

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