My son, Ryan, started a new job some time ago. He started with the usual cursory training. Then his coworkers took him aside and said, “Here’s what I wish I had known my first week.” They clued him into the opportunities and pitfalls. They fast-forwarded his learning and gave him the benefit of their on-the-job experience.They remembered their own frustrations and lessons learned the hard way, and so wanted to spare him that experience.

What a generous act…and a game changer! Ryan was able to avoid some mistakes and more quickly reach his goals. He was a more productive and engaged employee right from the start.

What are the best practices that help people be successful in your organization? Are there systems in place to make sure that new people quickly gain this wisdom? If not, what are you going to do about it?

Step one may be to talk with recent hires to find out what they wish they’d known their first week on the job!


How do you share the lessons learned with new employees? Message us or comment below.

Photo from AdobeStock.