We all have customers, whether we characterize them that way or not. We serve our direct reports, boss and/or shareholders. We seek to meet the needs of family members, as a spouse, parent, sibling or child. In the same respect, we are served by others, and when we receive over-the-top customer service, we notice. Perhaps it stands out because it is a rarity in our hurried, overbooked culture.

A recent Brains on Fire blog post  focused on “above and beyond” customer service interaction. Rather than asking, “Can I get you something else? this person asked “Is there anything else you can think of that you need?”

It may seem like a subtle difference, but it conveys a true service mindset. Note that the question did not contain anything about the server, only the customer. This was stated as if the customer were the only priority. Hint: To this particular service provider, this was true. This service professional wasn’t just regurgitating a script.

“Is there anything you need?” How often do we ask this of our bosses? Our direct reports? Our loved ones?

(I definitely need to ask my hubby that question, as it seems that he ranks lower than all 3 kids, the dog and the cat. I bet he’s happy the fish died.)

Humanergy strives every day to provide our clients with “wow-I-never-expected-that” service. We also want our employees to feel that they couldn’t possibly find a better job. We aim to provide helpful insights to all of our blog followers each and every week. So, dear reader, please tell me; is there anything YOU need? Leave us a comment, and then go ask someone what you can do for them.


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