Yesterday I finally did something that I’d had on my “to-do list” for a long time. (That’s in quotes, because it isn’t so much of a to-do list as it is a “maybe-I-will-do-it-someday list.”)

It felt great to finally tackle and complete something I was really dreading. I knew it was going to be complex and a bit of a pain, and it was. However, I had completely forgotten how great it feels when you get that nasty thing done. I felt euphoric!

I am now wondering how I can program that kind of joy into getting tasks done in a more timely manner. What I fear is that the euphoria happened because I’d put it off so long – and I felt such a relief that it was finally over. I don’t want to have to be such a slacker in order to get that accomplishment buzz. How can I get some of that elation for getting stuff done on time?

I’ve tried breaking big tasks into smaller bits (unfortunately I didn’t want to do even the first bit), scheduling it on my calendar (too easily moved) and getting it done early in the day (something, like sleep, always got in the way). When a task is unpleasant, I can find all kinds of reasons not to do it now.

I heard a tip the other day about making it a game, complete with a timer and prizes. Now that might just engage me enough to get me started. It taps into my competitive nature. Plus, if I set a timer, I will know I only have to diligently play the game (work on the task) for 20 minutes. I might actually get enough momentum that I’ll keep going to the finish line.

Do you have a procrastination problem, and what works for you? Tell us about it!

Photo by Damian Zaleski from Unsplash.