I have never been accused of being indecisive. I rarely second-guess previous choices. Yet I sometimes wonder if there would be merit in being more thorough in my analysis of the quality of my decisions. This was brought front-of-mind when I read the HBR article Stop Second-Guessing Your Decisions at Work

The advice is sound and applies to both the indecisive and those who make decisions fluidly and never look back. In particular, I liked the idea of polling a short list of trusted advisers before I make big decisions. I’ll also schedule time in the future to review a decision if it’s a momentous one. This will allow me to evaluate the quality of the decision, take steps to improve results if needed and use this learning to improve future judgments.

Whatever you decide, make peace with the fact that it may require a leap of faith. “The straight line, a respectable optical illusion which ruins many a man” (Victor Hugo, Les Misérables).


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Photo by Jose Marie Cuellar on Flickr.