Today’s guest blogger is Jamal Yearwood, a 2017 graduate of Albion College and Humanergy’s intern.

The amount of talent coming out of colleges has been increasing each year as the number of graduates continues to rise. While the talent pool has increased, so have the complications surrounding the hiring process. Recruiting the best and brightest from this generation poses unique challenges. Here are some surefire suggestions from a May 2017 grad to put you on the top of these candidates’ list:

Many students like some formality to the recruiting process. Whether it’s a specific month that interviews will be conducted, or a formal three-round process, having structure in the recruiting process can give tangible framework to a process that many will be embarking on for the first time. College grads have been indoctrinated by the classroom structure for 16+ years, so they will take comfort in understanding what to expect.

Students often want to be hired alongside other students. Walking into the office on the first day can be intimidating, but having others to share the experience with can relieve some of the stress that comes from being “the new kid on the block.” Given that for many it will be their first full-time job, even having one other person to share the journey with can make a potential job more attractive.

They want to be sold on why they should want the job, rather than trying to sell themselves. This may be the strangest trend seen in this generation’s graduating class. Many students, including some of the best talent, aren’t looking to enter the workforce right away. These students are okay with living in limbo until the right opportunity arises. Unless they’re sold on your job, there’s a good chance they could pass you up if they don’t feel compelled by what you’re offering.

These valid points aside, the best way to hire college grads who are a good fit is to engage them where they’re comfortable. Meeting them at an on-campus job fair or in the classroom allows students to relax rather than try to fit a mold of what they think recruiters want.

Whether companies admit it or not, they can only expect to hire good talent if they have a good hiring process. For many organizations, retooling precedents to fit a changing generation can be the key to unlocking the interest of today’s evolving generation.

Have you seen a shift in your organization’s recruitment process? We’d love to hear about it below or contact us here.


Photo by Baim Hanif on Unsplash