Just stop worrying. Those are fighting words for someone who tends to be apprehensive or ruminate on the pitfalls ahead. It can’t be that easy, right?

Simply telling yourself or someone else “just stop” is not a great approach. What are some scientifically-proven ways to turn off, or at least tone down, the worry machine?

Stephanie Vozza on Fast Company advises getting more and better sleep, practice slow breathing for relaxation and, surprisingly, smelling a grapefruit. (Apparently some pleasant essential oils combat stress, tension and worry.)

We’d also recommend regular exercise, preferably outside. Time in nature has been proven to change your brain, reducing the activity in the part of the brain that ruminates or chews over the unpleasant aspects of life.

I heard a quote recently. “Things are going to be what they will be, because of us or in spite of us.” That is my mantra when I am in the throes of worrying about things I really can’t really control. Another is, “Do what you can, then let it go.”

What are your proven strategies to stop worrying? Comment below or send us a message.

Photo from Pixabay