It’s not too early to start thinking of summer vacation!

The United States is the only country in the developed world that does not require companies to give workers paid time off. Even if organizations offer paid leave, some employees don’t take all the days coming to them. Some leaders equate taking a vacation with slacking, so it is no surprise that Americans take only 10 of the average 12 paid days off. Only employees in Asian countries take fewer days of vacation than Americans, according to a study of 22 industrialized countries.

Leaders are particularly prone to overworking and underplaying. Even though we know that taking time away is good for us, it’s hard to take a break. What’s a harried leader to do?

Take little breaks. Take a few 5-minutes break throughout the day, and you’ll reap many benefits, including better concentration, fewer accidents and less stress.

Cultivate a hobby. In addition to providing a needed respite from your daily routine, hobbies like gardening and walking can keep you fit. Hobbies can also expand your capabilities, like creativity or confidence.

Take a holiday. There’s no substitute for getting away from it all, so schedule that time off! Rested bodies heal faster, and vacations help people maintain perspective and motivation.

One underestimated advantage of planning a vacation now? You’ll enjoy anticipating the break as you focus on today’s challenges!