It’s not a plant, gift basket or commemorative plaque. The best gift you can give your employees this year is to help them make progress in their work.

You might have thought that the key to motivating people is a heartfelt and specific “thank you.” While expressing gratitude is important, research shows that it does not produce the largest boost in motivation.

Think about the last time you achieved a breakthrough in a project. Did you feel proud, elated and ready to dig into the next assignment? Making progress is energizing and fun, and those emotions feed employee engagement and motivation.

As you ponder the coming end of the year, figure out what you might do that will give a boost to your staff’s productivity – training, a new tool or mentoring, perhaps? Make it your job to clear the way for progress.


It’s time to enable your people to move forward, and we can help!

Photo from iStockphoto.