It is with great sadness that we mourn the death of the Humanergy kettle. Though it was only an inanimate object, this water boiler was a part of our lives every day of the organization’s existence. (Some of us visited it several times a day for the perfect cup of tea necessary for creativity.)

You may find this to be a trivial loss. To Humanergy, founded by a Brit and an Aussie, tea is part of our daily routine, a nod to the mother countries.

Numbers wizard Karen Parker, our savvy business manager, calculated that this kettle was activated at least 19,500 times in its lifetime. What diligent service!

It’s been said that an organization’s artifacts and traditions are clues to its culture. That might be right in this instance. We love to grab of cup of tea and talk about things that really matter like helping someone solve a sticky problem. On a warm day, we take a cup to the porch swing or patio, because we find that fresh air unclogs our brains and rejuvenates our spirits.

What are your artifacts, and what do they say about your organization?


Chat with us over a cup of tea!

Photo by Christi Barrett