David and Launda Wheatley spent roughly two months training and then crossing the Atlantic with two friends on a 39-foot sailboat. See more about this amazing adventure on their blog.

Among the many lessons learned through the joys and occasional adversity: This too shall pass.

One minute, you’re in a wild storm with gigantic swells. You’re making no progress. You are queasy (or worse). It goes on and on, and just when you think it’s never going to end, the clouds part. The seas calm. The storm is over.

On a different day, it’s flat calm. Your sails hang listless, and you think, “This is the worst. We’ll never move!” And then the wind picks up, the sails inflate, and you’re off.

The moral taught by nature is that nothing stays the same for long. Life will deal you difficult hands to play, and they won’t last. Even good times don’t last forever. The challenge is to live in each moment – challenging and blissful – fully. Realize that all material things are ephemeral. Learn from the bad stuff and soak up the good.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why they call it THE PRESENT.”  Alice Morse Earle



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Photo from David Wheatley and the crew of the Ruby May.