Most of us go through our days wondering how we’re going to do it all. Meetings and deadlines collide with family and personal needs. Before you know it, we’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

There is no time like the present to give yourself the gift of a little sanity. Take on these three quick tasks to take control and increase tranquility.

Cancel a meeting. Look at your calendar and figure out one meeting this month that does not need to happen (or you don’t need to attend). Block this time for you to accomplish something else that is important to you.

Declutter and replace. Find one spot on your desk that you can clean off. Replace that pile of folders with a small plant, photo or other object that you love. That visual space will be your ongoing cue to relax and refocus.

Give something away. We all have too much stuff. Donate an item to charity, and don’t replace it. If the spirit moves you, give something away each month. Think of it as one less thing to find a space for or organize in some way.

Keep what is meaningful, useful or beautiful. Everything else is a distraction. Eliminate the clutter, so that your life is focused on making a difference in the world.